Technology ETF’s Should Be In Your Portfolio

Technology is constantly changing and new innovative ideas come to fruition which changes the market place for consumers.  Consumers love to spend on the newest trend which is why technology ETF’s should be in your portfolio

Google Announced An Operating System Is In The Works, ETF Options?

Google plans to launch a new operating system for personal computers, an attempt to challenge the dominance of Microsoft’s Windows system. The open-source operating system is based on Google’s internet browser, Chrome. The Google Chrome OS will initially be targeted at netbooks, the smaller, no-frills, low-cost version of the laptop, said Google in a posting […]

Get Heavy Apple Exposure With These ETF’s (QLD, IYW, QQQQ)

With Steve Jobs back in the office after his liver transplant, Apple investors have something to cheer about again.   The PDA market continues to grow and the Apple iPhone continues to dominate and make headlines in that market.  If you like Apple but don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, we have some tech heavy ETF’s […]