Commodities, Europe’s Winter Storm Hint to 2011 Market Trends (SGG, KCE, ECH, GXG, THD, EWM, EWZ, TUR, EPI, IDX, JPM, BA, NKE, SPF, LNR, MTH, CSCO, OXY, CVX, XOM, AAPl, AMZN, KO)

Stocks rose last week with all the excitement of water turning to ice in the freezer. I kept hitting the side of my monitor to see if the pixels were stuck — but no, it was just another one of those low

U.S. Industrial Stocks Now Back on Top, As Emerging Markets Falter (IJK, XLI, XSD, FDN, VEU, EEM, EWZ, KCE, IAT, EPI, FXI, ECH, THD, XES, PBE)

Stocks tiptoed through a typically introspective, no drama December week in the past five days, with the Dow Jones Industrials rising 0.7%, and the Nasdaq, S&P 500, and Russell 2000 all