Ten ETFs Every Advisor Should Know; But Most Have Never Heard Of: Part I (EWX, CPI, PHB, SCHB, LAG, BND, AGG, VOO, JNK, HYG, LQD, TIP, EEM)

As the ETF industry has expanded at a breakneck pace in recent years, keeping track of all the products out there has become no easy task. There are now well more than 1,000 exchange-traded

The Best And Worst Performing ETFs In April

Patricia Oey, an ETF analyst at Morningstar, recently compiled the funds with the highest net cash inflows and outflows for April. Oey states that, “Investors poured another $12.2 billion into exchange-traded funds in April 2010, bringing total year-to-date net inflows to $19.9 billion. Flows were