The semiconductor sector plummets on news of government restrictions concerning Huawei

From Yun Li: KEY POINTS Shares of chip suppliers are under pressure following the Trump administration’s restrictions on doing business with Huawei. Google has suspended business activity with the Chinese giant. Other Huawei suppliers, including Qualcomm, Broadcomm and Intel, reportedly told employees they will not sell to the Chinese firm until further notice. U.S. chip […]

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The semiconductor sector is hot, due to positive trade talks and a rebound in China’s manufacturing

From Tirthankar Chakraborty: Following a dreadful 2018, chipmakers are hot again on encouraging trade talks and a rebound in China’s manufacturing activity. Adding to the optimism is industry rationalization and slew of new technological trends like Internet of Things, high-end gaming and 5G wireless. At the same time, reports of smartphone market recovery are taking […]

semiconductor stocks

5 Top Semiconductor Equities to Consider Buying This Year

From Zacks Equity Research: Robust demand for memory chips and other semiconductor products, on account of rapid adoption of cloud computing, AI, Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous cars, advanced driver assisted systems (ADAS), gaming, wearables, drones and virtual reality/augmented reality (“VR/AR”) devices, is fueling massive growth in the semiconductor space.