A Puzzling Reaction To Turkey’s Meltdown

From WisdomTree: Turkey is going through an economic crisis — the lira has dropped to an all-time low, 34% over the week ending August 10. The euro also fell 2% over the week because some of the eurozone’s largest banks are lenders to Turkey, as highlighted by the European Central Bank’s financial watchdog department.

Don’t Ignore Turkey’s Total Economic Collapse (TUR)

From Tyler Durden: Given the goldfish-like memories of financial market participants – and outlier-stripping nature of the algos that really trade – today’s abrupt collapse will likely be a small slap in the back of the head for many traders, but as former fund manager and FX trader Richard Breslow notes, “today’s Turkey meltdown holds lessons to be […]

Time To Get Bullish On Turkey (TUR)?

From Invesco: It is not a stretch to say that Turkey is beset by troubles both external and internal. Syria’s civil war to the south has caused an unanticipated economic and social strain on the country, and fears of continued terrorism have slowed the engine of tourism.