Mid-Cap ETFs Are Back At All-Time Highs

From Zacks: With the prospect of fresh trade talks between the United States and China, the Wall Street regained momentum after a tumultuous ride at the start of the month. The dual tailwinds of strong corporate earnings and a booming economy have been driving the stock market rally this year and will likely continue to […]

Vanguard CEO Discusses ETFs vs. Other Funds

Vanguard CEO Bill McNabb discusses the company’s new ETF and index fund offerings with MoneyWatch’s Eric Schurenberg. Eric touches on what investment vehicle, traditional funds

Vanguard Files For 20 New ETFs, Summary Of New Funds

Vanguard is expanding its index fund family, introducing new funds with ETF Shares to provide investors with additional low-cost stock and bond choices. The new ETFs will be available commission-free to Vanguard Brokerage clients. See the preliminary breakdown of each ETF below