December ETF Roundup: $1 Trillion And Counting (VWO, SPY, IAU, GLD, PFF, SDY, JNK, BND, HYG, VTI, VXX, UUP, FXI, DIA, TBT)

U.S. ETF assets topped $1 trillion for the first time in December, as a year-end rally in global equity markets and another strong month of inflows pushed the industry past the milestone. ETF assets

Looking Back At Ten Big ETF Stories From 2010 (VTI, VOO, IAU, GLD, SPY, REMX, LIT, URA, USCI, MLPG, MLPL, MLPI, AMJ, PPLT, PALL, SIL, COPX)

The past year was an exciting one for the ETF industry, as assets continued to surge (recently passing the $1 trillion mark), new and innovative products hit the market (now nearly 1,100 U.S.