Invesco PowerShares and Select Sector SPDRs Cooperate to Differentiate Their Respective Sector ETF Lineups (XLYS, XLPS, XLES, XLFS, XLVS, XLIS, XLKS, XLBS, XLUS)

Invesco PowerShares and Select Sector SPDRs announced today that a settlement has been reached under which Invesco PowerShares will voluntarily change the ticker symbols of its nine S&P SmallCap Sector ETFs. The changes are aimed at making the PowerShares S&P SmallCap Sector ETF tickers

Next Frontier Of ETF Investing: Long/Short Trades (IWF, IWD, SCIN, INP, EWZ, BRAZ, EFN, XLF, XLES, XLE, XLI, XLV, EMT, EEO, PLND, EZU, ILF, GMF)

There is no denying that the ETF boom is in full swing, as billions of dollars continue to flow into the industry every month despite a difficult economic environment. As individual investors and