Crude Crashes To $35 Handle After Biggest December Inventory Build In 22 Years

short-oil-etfTyler Durden:   Following last night’s surprising 2.3mm barrel inventory build, reported by API, DOE reports a massive 4.8mm build against expectations of a 1.5mm barrel draw and way above the highest estimate of a 2.6mm draw. 

This is the biggest build in 2 months at a seasonally ‘weak’ time of year (and biggest December build since 1993).

Crude ramped overnight to regain the losses from the API dump, but dropped back to lows (under $37) before the DOE data, then crashed below $36.

Furthermore, production was up in the lower 48.

Biggest build in 2 months.

This is the biggest Mid-December build since 1993.


And production rose.


Crude prices collapsed lower.


Charts: Bloomberg

This article is brought to you courtesy of Tyler Durden From Zero Hedge.

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