Do Falling Gas Prices and Rising Tensions Signal Looming Disaster? [Dow Jones Industrial Average, United States Oil Fund LP (ETF)]

In a recent interview with the German publication, Der Spiegel, Mr. Gorbachev spoke of his concerns about the Ukrainian situation and what could occur if NATO and the United States continue to take actions, including increasing sanctions, against an already economically beleaguered Russia.

The Ukraine, however, is not the only source of the tensions that are quickly mounting in Europe. The recent terrorist attack on a French magazine has sparked a wave of political demonstrations and more acts of violence in all parts of Europe. In addition, this senseless act of terror is placing pressure on France’s relationship with other countries, including Israel, who is also dealing with an increasingly hostile situation on their own turf.

Where Does it End?

As major economies flail and political tensions increase, many Americans are now trying to predict what the future holds. More than ever before, Americans are seeing the need to prepare for the worst, even while hoping for the best. For many, this means taking steps to prepare their families for whatever will come and in most cases, this type of preparation will rely on gold, silver and other precious metals and commodities that will retain their value, even when green paper dollars are no longer accepted.

If you are observing the issues of the world and wondering if the pivot point has arrived, now is the time to take action to preserve the health and safety of your family, even in times of economic depression and war. Prepare now by investing in the true value of gold.

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