Does This New Income ETF Belong In Your Portfolio?

investingETRACS, the ETF brand from the Switzerland-based bank UBS, has already made waves in the multi-asset space. After launching a multi-asset ETN – ETRACS Diversified High Income ETN (NYSEARCA:DVHI) – in September, this issuer of exchange traded products has now unveiled a leveraged form of the same note. The new product will trade under the name of ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged Diversified High Income ETN -DVHL.

Multi asset ETFs – focused on investing in a blend of diverse asset classes such as investment grade and high yield bonds, stocks, preferred stocks, REITs and MLPs –have caught investor attention lately thanks to the erratic movements in the global economy in the past few months. The market is likely to stay volatile in the coming months as well mainly due to ongoing speculations over taper timing and its impact on interest rates and key stock markets.

The product is capable of safeguarding investors against excessive fluctuations in the market and offering capital appreciation while lowering downside risks by investing in a pool of assets that are not highly correlated. Also, endowing investors with a very high level of current income by adopting a double-leverage approach is another purpose of the product (read: Senior Loan ETFs: The Best Bet for Rising Rates?).

DVHL in Focus

This new note looks to offer investors two times monthly resetting exposure to the NYSE Diversified High Income Index. The index consists of a diversified portfolio of 138 high income-generating securities around the world that historically pay significant dividends or distributions.

The product anticipates paying out roughly 13.63% in yield a year to investors, indicating its heavy focus on income. In terms of equity sector allocation that covers almost 60% of the fund, business development companies and energy MLPs take up the top chunk each getting 15% share. Another asset class fixed income including preferred stocks, emerging market bonds, high yield bonds and muni bonds accounts for 10% of share each.

Investors should also note that the product is structured as an ETN which carries an associated risk of the issuer’s credit worthiness, though this should be a minor consideration.

How does it fit in a portfolio?

The investors looking for a broad income play across the asset classes may want to consider this product. Dividend ETFs have gained popularity in recent years owing to the rock-bottom interest rate scenario currently prevailing in the market.

Even though dividend stocks and funds fall out of favor in a rising rate environment mainly during taper concerns, dividend investing is still a wise bet. This is due to the fact that historically as much as 40% of market returns came from dividends.

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