Dow Jones Industrial Average: Are Stocks Headed Up or Down?

buyers and sellersMarch 9, 2013, one month from now, will mark the fourth anniversary of the current bull market. As of now, the past 47 months have seen the S&P 500 go from an intraday low of 666 –hit on March 6, 2009 –to a five-year high, delivering a hefty 125% return. Most investors will mark this milestone with a degree of trepidation, given the increasing age of this uptrend. However, market sage, blogger and Fusion IQ CEO Barry Ritholtz will be taking an even longer view of things and is looking to say goodbye to a 13-year-old downtrend and lay the secular bear market to rest.

“1966 to 1982 was the last secular bear market,” Ritholtz says in the attached video. He adds that as much as we’ve had a nice bull market for the past four years, it has happened within a broader bear market — which started in March of 2000 with the bursting of the dot-com bubble. These trends-within-a-trend are the norm, not the exception, he says, and routinely deliver market-swings of 50% to 100%.

See the full Breakout video below:

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