Dow Jones Industrial Average Set To Catapult Over 31,000 [Dow Jones Industrial Average 2 Minute(INDEXDJX:.DJI)]

dow 13000Larry Edelson: The pullback I’ve been warning you about in the U.S. equity markets is finally at hand. But once this pullback in the broad stock indices is over — the Dow Jones Industrial Averages (INDEXDJX:.DJI) will lead the way higher yet again, and catapult to 31,000 over the next three years.

And one sector I’ll tell you about in a minute, will do even better — tripling, quadrupling and even quintupling in value — with select individual stocks in that sector spinning off gains of 2,000 percent, 3,000 percent and even more.

What? Are you out of your mind, Larry?

No, I’m not out of my mind. Quite to the contrary, I believe I am the one analyst who really understands the forces that are building to send the Dow rocketing higher. And especially the sector I’m about to tell you about.

Moreover, if you think I’ve lost my mind, consider this: My best forecasts have always been accompanied by the same shrill voices of others telling me I’m nuts.

The mining sector has been beaten up so badly over the past three years that even a normal rebound in the sector could enrich savvy investors by easily doubling, tripling and quadrupling in value.

 When I foretold of the 1987 stock market crash months ahead of time, they told me I was crazy.

 At the depths of the 1987 crash when I said that the stock market would see new highs merely two years later, they wanted me committed for life. Yet that’s precisely what the stock market did.

 When I forecast in early 1989 that a war would break out somewhere in the world in August 1990, they thought I was crazy. But on Aug. 2, right on time, Iraq invaded Kuwait.

 When I forecast the 1999–2000 top in the Nasdaq and the Dow … and the peak in the markets in 2007 … I was still virtually alone, with most analysts and investors thinking of nothing but blue sky for the markets and property prices.

 And on March 19, 2009, I even defied my colleagues predicting that the stock market bottom had already been reached at Dow 6,495, and that the market’s next big move would be a rocket ride to first, 11,000 … then 14,000 and then, even higher.

 Then there’s the big bottom in gold and silver I nailed in 1999 and their peaks three years ago, just 12 days from their highs in September 2011.

And many other wild calls I’ve made, including the rise in Asian equity markets and emerging economies in 2004 … the slide in the value of the U.S. dollar since the turn of the century … and my now infamous call to dump every mining stock that was publicly traded at the sector’s peak in October 2011.

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