Esposito Securities Expands its ETF Seeding with Capital Commitment

Esposito Securities has successfully expanded its foray into seeding ETFs, having recently seeded several ETFs. Esposito’s recent seeding activity includes three Advisor Shares products – the Cambria Investment Management, Inc. (NYSE:GTAA), WCM Investment Management (NYSE:AADR), and Mars Hill Partners, LLC (NYSE: GRV).

A commitment to addressing the underserved needs of clients drove Esposito’s activity in this sector. The Firm regularly evaluates market opportunities and seeding ETFs proved timely. Recently a White Paper was authored by Esposito regarding the seeding process.  “Sprouting an ETF” can be viewed on the Company website at

“Esposito Securities has been evaluating the process of seeding ETFs and we are pleased to amplify our activity in this arena. We have assembled a valuation team to assess opportunities to seed a wide variety of ETF products and asset classes and urge issuers to contact Esposito for partnership discussions, as we are committed to expanding our participation”.  -Mark Esposito

ETF activity speaks to the strategic direction of Esposito to provide across the board value added services to its clients. Esposito Securities, LLC, is a part of the Esposito Global family, and provides global equity trading services. A growing list of clients use our services, including registered investment advisors, mutual funds, hedge funds, ETFs, closed end funds and unit investment trusts with trillions of dollars in assets. The benchmark of Esposito is a commitment to customer service.  Contact Peter Steube at 214.855.2196 or visit our website for more information.

SOURCE Esposito Securities

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