ETF Radar Magazine Releases Issue No. 5 Jan 2010 International Edition

magazine_cover_q1_2010-1ETF Radar Magazine has just released Issue No. 5 (1st Quarter 2010). We have attached a snapshot of the issue and you can view the current issue by downloading the magazine from the link below.



Issue No.5 // 1st Quarter 2010
International Edition

Direct download of the current issue:
(Adobe PDF file, 3.2 MB)
This issue includes the following content:
+ SNAPSHOTS (pg. 3)
+ COVERSTORY (pg. 8)
Democratizing the
Investment Landscape:
What are the advantages of hedge-fund-replication via ETFs and making them available to the public?
+ INSIGHTS & STRATEGY (starting pg. 10)
Asian Investors Embrace ETFs:
A brief overview about the current situation in Asia-Pacific’s
prosperous ETF business.
+ Beautiful meets Ugly:
Analyizing the performance differences between two well-known Smallcap Index ETFs brought up some surprising facts.
+ Tactical Asset Allocation with ETFs:
How using tactical asset allocation can help you make informed short term ETF portfolio decisions.
+ CONTRARIAN (pg. 15)
Does the price/earnings-ratio
make sense concerning
the valuation of shares?
+ MARKETPLACE (pg. 16)
Global ETF news and
selected market statistics
at a glance.

iShares DJ U.S. Real Estate Index Fund.

+ RESEARCH (pg. 22)
A new dangerous Cocktail:
The massive, liquidity driven ralley could come to an end a lot faster than most investors might think.
+ INTERVIEW (pg. 25)
Charles Schwab’s
Jonathan de St Paer
+ CAREER & EVENTS (pg. 27)
A review of the current job market and an overview about upcoming events within the ETF industry.
Comprehensive details about the world’s largest ETF providers
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