Issues Second Free ETF Report – “Best ETF Buys For The Buck”

BNK Invest, Inc. announced the release its second free ETF report called “Best ETF Buys For The Buck.”  Each month will sort through more than 800 ETFs to find the leader in twelve categories with regard to the average expense ratio and average trailing twelve month return.  Each report will highlight funds from the top twelve categories (as selected by with the largest gain over the trailing twelve months paired with the lowest expense ratio. The twelve categories include Asia ETFs, Currency ETFs, Emerging Markets ETFs, Energy ETFs, Europe ETFs, Financial ETFs, Health ETFs, Income ETFs, Industrial ETFs, Metals ETFs, Real Estate ETFs and Technology ETFs.

The web site, is aimed at retail investors and financial advisors trying to maximize the opportunities in the market with ETFs.  The site includes a number of ground-breaking features that allow investors to dig deeper into ETFs.  By using features like the ETF Finder, investors can identify ETFs that hold certain stocks or that cover certain sectors.  Additionally, ETFs are broken down into lists by category and investment focus.  For example, investors interested in energy, can simply click on the Energy ETFs category and find more than 25 ETFs that are focused on the energy sector.  Categories are also broken down into “Leveraged ETFs” and “Short ETFs”, with subcategories such as “Financial Short ETFs”, or “Metals Leveraged ETFs.”

“We are excited to release the second free ETF report today to help investors sort through the top-performing ETFs in each sector,” says Daniel Pedisich, Content Manager at BNK Invest, Inc. “We received a very positive response from the first report and look forward to issuing many more!”

The site also offers a subscription-based model portfolio service. The 100% ETF-based Flexible Growth Investment Portfolio is designed to seek growth for investors — anywhere and everywhere. The key to the program is a portfolio strategy that allows complete flexibility in terms of asset allocation as there are no predetermined guidelines as to the level of stocks, bonds, cash, regions, countries, sectors, commodities, or even asset classes in the portfolio. analyzes trends in the ETF data to create ETF Lists to help investors.  As an example, under the ETF Finder section, there is a screen for “High Yield ETFs.”

Click the following link to download the March edition “Best ETF Buys For the Buck“.

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BNK Invest, Inc. develops, owns and operates financial web sites which enable individual investors and financial advisers to gain valuable insight into, and stay informed about the financial markets.  The company has been at the forefront of creating premier online sites and communities since 2002.  The company owns and operates ETF Channel (, Market News Video (, Value Forum (, and Bank Investor ( provides ETF data and ETF research to both small and large investors.

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