Launches Model ETF Investment Portfolio

BNK Invest, Inc. announced the launch of the subscription-based ETF Channel Flexible Growth Investment Portfolio.  The company has partnered with David Moenning to launch this subscription model portfolio product for individual investors and financial advisors.  Mr. Moenning is a full-time professional money manager with 25 years of investment experience and the President and Chief Investment Strategist for his Chicago-based SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm.

This model investment portfolio will consist entirely of low-cost, tax efficient ETFs with half of the ETF investment portfolio dedicated to “going where the growth is” and the other half dedicated to market timing.  The key will be that the portfolio strategy allows for complete flexibility in terms of asset allocation as there are no predetermined guidelines as to the level of stocks, bonds, cash, regions, countries, sectors, commodities, or even asset classes in the portfolio.

Given the volatility in the markets over the last few years, investors need to have the ability to make money in both a rising and falling market.  It is for this reason that 50% of the ETF Channel Flexible Growth Investment Portfolio is designed to profit from both bull and bear markets. In short, the model portfolio should be fully invested in stock market indices when stocks are rising and short the market when stocks are falling.

Mr. Moenning said, “I am very excited to be partnering with BNK Invest to launch the ETF Channel Flexible Growth Investment Portfolio.  Given the volatile state of the markets, I’m of the mind that investors need the flexibility to take a ‘go anywhere’ approach in their investment portfolios. The really great thing about ETFs is they offer us the ability to invest in just about anything – at any time – with a low cost structure and some tax benefits.”

As part of the product, subscribers will receive Real-Time Trade Alerts that include the ETF Name, Ticker Symbol, Limit Price, Position Size and the reason behind the trade.  In addition to the trade alerts, members will receive a Weekly Round-Up that discusses the performance of the portfolio, the current ETF holdings and the recent trade activity as well as, the “Daily State of the Markets” – a daily report distributed prior to the opening bell with market commentary and analysis.

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