ETF’s Hit A Record $862 Billion In Assets Worldwide

world-record“Exchange traded fund assets worldwide hit an all-time high of $862 billion at the end of July, 7% above the previous record of $805 billion set in April 2008, according to data released today from the London-based research team of Barclays Global Investors in San Francisco,”  David Hoffman Reports From Investment News.

“The assets were generated by 1,768 ETFs with 3,129 listings from 94 providers on 42 exchanges around the world. U.S. ETF assets chalked up a personal best — $582 billion at the end of July, topping the previous high-water mark of $581 billion in December 2007,” Hoffman Reports.

“The U.S. ETF industry had 706 ETFs from 22 providers on three exchanges. European ETF assets accounted for $183 billion — another record — at the end of July, 8.4% above the previous high of $168 billion set in May and 14.2% above the high of $160 billion recorded in July 2008. The European ETF industry had 753 ETFs with 1,890 listings from 32 providers on 20 exchanges. The other $40 billion in ETF assets were generated in the Asia, Latin America, Middle East and Africa markets,” Hoffman Reports.

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