Facebook Inc (FB): Good News For The Stock Price

Facebook’s (FB) Buying Spree

On Wednesday, Facebook added a new feature to its mobile app that identifies music and television shows playing in the background. It then suggests users share them with friends.

The feature was the latest in a string of recent changes by Facebook in attempts to get members to divulge more detailed information on its social network.

Earlier this week, FB launched a feature allowing users to nudge their friends to share more personal data (dating habits, marital status, etc.) about themselves.

Last month, FB gave users the ability to categorize posts by activity.

Other fresh changes allow users to add tags to posts like “watching,” “eating,” or “listening.”

All of the new features are used to help Facebook sell more targeted advertisements to a more targeted audience.

You see, the more specific the information, the more valuable it is to Facebook – and the more expensive it is for advertisers to buy.

In a test with data handler Datalogix, Facebook said results showed ads on its network swayed users who saw them to purchase the advertised items.

Facebook maintains ads on its site are more effective than those on TV, chiefly because FB helps brands narrow its customer base to those most likely to purchase an advertised product.

While some have raised a ruckus over the new features, claiming privacy concerns, many FB users embrace them.

According to a February Pew Research Survey, 10% of U.S. Facebook users update their status on a daily basis.

And, some 4% update their status more than once a day.

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