Facebook Inc (FB) Is No Fluke

This is why Facebook isn’t going away. More than a social network, it is now the world’s social glue.

When you include affiliates Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp, Facebook now has 2.2 billion monthly active users. That number doubled in the last year, and now includes one-third of all living humans.

With this kind of scale, it is very hard for Facebook not to make money.

If Facebook management can keep the right balance between advertising and usability, the stock may just be getting started.

Am I saying to buy FB stock now? No — but you ought to keep your eyes on it. Just like I said aboutApple (AAPL) yesterday, Facebook tells us a lot about the markets and the future. Wise investors will watch closely.

brad hoppmanThis article is brought to you courtesy of Brad Hoppmann

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