Fearing User Loss, Facebook Inc (FB) Introduces Zuckasaurus

facebookFacebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has been the target of criticism – both from users, the government and other sources, over a host of issues related to user privacy.

A week ago, on May 22, 2014, Facebook announced the company would soon release a new feature designed to put control over privacy settings, into the hands of the social media giant’s 1.28 billion users.

The cute little dinosaur is typing on a laptop, and writes to the user by name. After apologizing for interrupting the person, the dinosaur reminds them to check their privacy settings, letting them know what their current setting is for users to see their posts.

For now, the success and impact of Facebook’s user focused privacy control, and the Zuckasaurus character who is the face of that campaign, is uncertain. 

The New York Times’ Nick Bilton says that some tech writers are calling this cute little guy, Zuckasaurus, although it obviously bears no likeness to the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The decision to create a dinosaur to be the face of Facebook’s stepped up effort to give users more control over the extent of information – either from their profile, or anything a user posts, gives users and outsiders, the impression that Facebook is really thinking about the most effective way to let users decide what they share publicly.

Ever since the announcement that Facebook was going to buy WhatsApp, the site has been plagued by comments, criticisms, and threats of legal action, either from the FCC, the Consumer Protection Bureau, or other consumer advocacy groups.

The social media giant has introduced other features that give users greater control over who can see their personal information, not to mention their posts.

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