Five Lessons From The Top and Bottom ETF Performers

etfs etfsRudy Martin: With Labor Day here, summer is ending. It’s time to get serious about squeezing good results from the last four months of 2013.

Personally, I want to know exactly how things stand before I map a plan for the future. Today we’ll assess current market conditions by looking at recent Exchange-Traded Fund trends.

I made tables to show you the 12 best- and worst-performing equity ETFs (excluding leveraged and inverse funds) over the last three months. Take a minute to look at them now. What do you see?

We’ll start with the best …

The two lists show five important stock market lessons. Keep these in mind as your portfolio says hello to September.


Technology sector ETFs account for half of the top 12 list. The three-month performance leader,PowerShares Golden Dragon China (PGJ), has 62% of its assets allocated to technology and telecom, so it is essentially a tech ETF as well.

Global X Nasdaq China Technology (QQQC) and Guggenheim China Technology (CQQQ) also show China and tech have been a good combination lately.

China found other ways to win, too. Third-place Global X Social Media (SOCL) has a 28% commitment to Chinese stocks. (I mentioned this theme a few months ago in 2 Economies, 1 Country.)

Tech continues to show impressive momentum. The trend also has stamina, as shown by the ETFs with better than 40% one-year gains. PowerShares Nasdaq Internet (PNQI) missed by only a slim 20 basis points.


While gold stocks had a sharp spring sell-off followed by modest recovery, gold bullion is roughly where it was three months ago. Silver did much better over the period.

Nevertheless, Global X Gold Explorers (GLDX) and the Global X Silver Miners (SIL) pushed higher. Double-digit percentage gains put them in the top-12 ETF performer list.

The positive three-month and one-month returns represent major reversals for these two. GLDX and SIL are still far below their peaks, down 47.69% and 24.43%, respectively, over the last year.

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