Five Market Experts You Need To Follow On Twitter

Stoyan Bojinov: Social media has carved out a significant presence in our personal and professional lives just over the past few years. Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter now play a major role in the business world, and their importance in the ETF industry is no exception. Twitter in particular has grown into a global community with a reach extending to every nook and corner of the ETF universe; this increasingly popular platform offers exposure to insights from a range of industry experts, institutions, and self-directed investors [see also 5 Simple ETF Trading Tips].

As such, dabbling around with Twitter could go a long way in helping you stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of finance. Below, we highlight five market experts that you need to follow on Twitter. Don’t forget to follow me @SBojinov and ETF Database @ETFdb for up to the minute news on ETFs:

  • @zerohedge: Zero Hedge is perhaps one of the boldest (if not the boldest) financials blogs on the web. The contributors of this site are not afraid to speak their minds about virtually any developments in the financial world. You can be sure to run across a number of thoroughly researched articles and compelling headlines on a daily basis that are likely not covered by mainstream media sources.
  • Tim Knight @SlopeOfHope: Best known for his expertise in the field of technical analysis, Tim Knight is very well regarded in the trading community. His daily blog posts include insightful analysis about ongoing developments on Wall Street, often times covering ETF trading ideas as well. Tim Knight is an active trader,  full-time money manager, and author of “Chart Your Way To Profits” and “High Probability Trade Set-Ups”, making him a seasoned veteran in the financial field.
  • @ETFProfessor1: Benzinga is an innovative financial site that covers a host of high-quality, unique content that is renowned by many active traders and investors alike. The ETF Professor’s Twitter feed is abundant with actionable ideas, timely commentary on real-time market developments, as well as valuable content for investors of all walks.
  • Brendan Conway @bconway: Brendan Conway is a well-known financial columnist reporting on ETFs, mutual funds, and hedge funds for Barron’s, Dow Jones Newswires, and The Wall Street Journal. This industry expert holds degrees from Harvard and NYU and his daily tweets are a great way to stay up to date on actionable ETF ideas as well as relevant economic developments.
  • @ETFtrends: When it comes to daily news, analyst commentary, and educational content, ETF Trends is a must-read source for all investors looking to gain industry insights. Site editor and proprietor Tom Lydon has more than 25 years experience in asset management and is a frequent contributor of ETF commentary to major media outlets, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Barron’s, and Marketwatch. ETF Trends can be a valuable resource for seasoned market veterans as well as those new to ETF investing.

Written By Stoyan Bojinov From ETF Database

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