FTSE Norway 30 Index Selected as the Basis for First US-listed ETF Tracking the Norwegian Marketplace

FTSE Group (FTSE), the leading global index provider, has licensed Global X Funds to create a new exchange traded fund (ETF) based on the FTSE Norway 30 Index.  The ETF will be the first in the US to exclusively track the performance of Norwegian equities.  Other FTSE indexes currently used by Global X as the basis for ETFs include the FTSE Colombia 20 and FTSE Nordic 30 Indexes.

The FTSE Norway 30 Index represents the performance of the 30 largest and most liquid Norwegian-listed securities.  Companies within the index are classified using the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB), a global standard developed in partnership between FTSE and Dow Jones.  As classified by ICB Supersector, Oil & Gas producers account for the largest portion of the index at 41.49%, with Banks and Telecommunications making up the second and third largest Supersectors at 14.20% and 11.37% respectively.  The largest five companies in the index are:

Rank Constituent Name ICB Sector Index Mkt Cap (USDm) Index Weight (%)
1 Statoil ASA Oil & Gas Producers 21,780 18.60
2 DnB NOR Banks 16,633 14.20
3 Telenor A/S Mobile Telecommunications 13,314 11.37
4 Yara International Chemicals 6,680 5.70
5 SeaDrill Ltd Oil Equipment, Services & Distribution 6,455 5.51
    Totals 64,862 55.38

SOURCE:  FTSE Group, data as at 29 October 2010.

The index has outperformed broader equity benchmarks, including the FTSE Developed and FTSE Developed Europe indexes, over the 3-month, Year-to-Date and 12-month periods. 

  3M (%) 6M (%) YTD (%) 12M (%)
FTSE Norway 30 Index 15.7 5.5 9.4 21.8
FTSE Developed Europe Index 9.3 3.3 6.9 13.4
FTSE Developed Index 11.6 8.8 4.1 8.8

SOURCE:  FTSE Group, data as at 29 October 2010.

About FTSE Group

FTSE Group (“FTSE”) is a world-leader in the creation and management of indexes. With offices in Boston, Beijing, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Madrid, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Sydney, Shanghai and Tokyo, FTSE works with investors in 77 countries globally.  It calculates and manages a comprehensive range of equity, fixed income, real estate and investment strategy indices, on both a standard and custom basis. The company has collaborative arrangements with a number of stock exchanges, trade bodies and asset class specialists around the world.

FTSE indexes are used extensively by investors world-wide for investment analysis, performance measurement, asset allocation, portfolio hedging and for creating a wide range of index tracking funds.

About Global X Funds

Global X Funds is an innovative provider of exchange-traded funds that facilitates access to investment opportunities across the global markets. As one of the fastest growing ETF providers in the world, it recently exceeded $1 Billion in managed assets across the largest suite of China-sector and Brazil-focused funds, as well as Global Commodities and Cleantech Resources fund suites.  For more information, please visit http://www.globalxfunds.com/

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