Gold Bars In France Worth $500,000 Robbed From Pensioner By Fake Cops

record gold holdingsGoldCore:  A curious and sad story broke last night about a pensioner in Paris who had US$500,000 worth of gold bars stolen from his home by con-artists posing as police officers.

The criminals arrived at his home claiming to investigate a gold robbery according to Agence France Presse.

The pensioner was asked if he had gold bullion and he told them that he did and allowed them into his home to inspect it.

While one of the robbers distracted the 69-year old with paper work the other stole his gold – 13 bars, each weighing 1 kilogram or 32.15 ounces each with a total value of US$500,000.

The story lacks details but if it proves to be true then it is a cautionary tale for owners of gold who take possession.

  • Story of pensioner in Paris who has had US$500k of gold stolen by fake police highlights risks of storing gold in home.
  • Criminals impersonating cops gained access to home claiming to be investigating gold robbery.
  • 13 kilogram bars worth $500,000 taken, pensioner unharmed.
  • Gold owners must take precautions.
  • Greek depositors taking precautions by taking cash out of banks.

A file photo shows French police officers standing at the site of a crime. AFP
A file photo shows French police officers standing at the site of a crime. AFP

We have no details as to why he may have been targeted.

It is unlikely that he was selected at random.

The thieves must have had some information regarding his affairs.

It highlights how discretion is of utmost importance when buying gold.

Storing gold in the home can be quite risky – especially in very large volumes.

If one can afford to own €450,000 worth of kilo gold bars, one can afford storage costs.

Insurance for gold held in the home is available although it tends to be prohibitively expensive.

We do not discourage holding gold in the home per se but it is essential to take certain precautions.

No matter where one’s gold is held one should not disclose the fact that one owns gold except to one’s closest confidantes and indeed in a will.

It is also highlights the importance of buying from established and trusted bullion brokers who have a track record in terms of  being very protective of client’s confidentiality and privacy.

Gold has a mysterious aura, pun intended, evoking folklore and mythology which tends to intrigue and fascinate people.

People with loose tongues enjoy relaying tales of gold and its owners to eager listeners.

One should be certain that one is not the subject of such tales which may fall on ears whose curiosity extends beyond mere gossip.

In the not unlikely event of a currency devaluations, negative attitudes toward gold will shift dramatically.

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