Gold Demand Swells

Americans are catching a clue, too. We stashed away nearly 59 tons, a world-leading 62% increase in demand. Despite the cheerleading of totally clueless Wall Street strategists, dingbat economists and the crowd of anti-gold nitwits on Bloomberg and CNBC, we Americans (the savvy and wise, at least) seem to realize that just maybe Yellen & Co. don’t really have control of this apple cart, after all…

Just maybe there’s a currency crisis lurking?

So, here at the end I return to the beginning: Buy gold.

Buy it often, with any spare cash you have. The price is cheap relative to where is has been and where it will return. You are, in essence, buying “government/central-bank insurance” at a substantial discount.

But only physical gold — not the crazy ETF gold. In a financial crisis, physical gold will replace King Dollar as the asset to own. It will preserve your lifestyle as currencies around you crumble.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Jeff D. Opdyke.

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