Gold’s Irresistible Forces [SPDR Gold Trust (ETF)(NYSEARCA:GLD)]

most of the gold that the funds sold, and doesn’t seem eager to give it back.

But ETF selling has slowed to a trickle. Gold ETF outflows slowed 76% from December to January, according to data from ETF Securities.

What’s more, the end of January saw gold ETFs experience their largest inflows in a year.

It’s still early in the year, but if the funds are done hemorrhaging yellow metal, that lifts a huge weight off the market price.

Yellen Puts Wings on Gold

New Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen appears for the moment to be following the easy-money path laid by predecessor Ben Bernanke. And that’s good news for gold.

Although she said tapering of the bond-buying program is likely to continue, she also signaled there is no preset course for the scale-back of quantitative easing. That statement helped gold rally this week.

India May Lift Restrictions on Gold Imports

Last year, India’s gold imports soared. In fact, the trend was blamed for pushing India’s current account deficit to a record.

So the Indian government hiked duties on gold imports three times last year, to a record 10%. It also dictated that a fifth of all imports of gold be shipped out.

Since India was 20% of global demand in 2012, these actions pushed gold prices lower last year. Indian gold imports probably fell 70% in the final quarter of 2013.

These policies have reduced India’s current account deficit, as intended. But it’s also ruining India’s jewelry business.

Many experts expect India to ease restrictions on imports after the official current account deficit is released next month. br>

There are other forces at work, including a potential strike at gold mines in South Africa and booming gold coin sales in the U.S.

Could gold prices go lower? Yes. But it darned sure looks like the bottom is in. If that’s the case, gold miners, which have been beaten into the dirt, are now bargains.

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by Sean Brodrick, Resource Strategist, The Oxford Club

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