How Apple Inc. (AAPL) Plans To Combat Android

WWDC Keynote Shows How AAPL Plans to Combat Android

Cook was armed with plenty of brutal statistics. He noted that 130 million people who bought AAPL devices over the past 12 months were first-time Apple customers.

“Many of these customers were switchers from Android. They had bought an Android phone, by mistake, and then sought a better experience. And a better life. And decided to check out iPhone and iOS,” Cook said to laughter.

But of more importance to the developers in the audience was that 89% of the users of Apple’s iOS devices are using the latest version of its operating system, compared to just 9% for Android. And Cook didn’t even mention the countless versions of hardware running Android.

That kind of fragmentation makes it harder for app developers to write code that will work reliably and consistently on every Android device. That Apple makes just a few variations of its hardware, and its users tend to stay current with the latest operating system, makes life much easier for developers.

Keeping developers in the AAPL fold is key to ensuring that the Apple ecosystem stays healthy, with lots of new apps in the pipeline.

And Apple offered up several other goodies to keep its developers happy. One is called “Metal,” a way for game developers to directly access the CPU, the “brain chip,” to allow a 10-fold increase in performance.

And the other was “Swift” a new programing language that got the loudest cheers of any of the keynote’s announcements. It makes writing apps for both iOS and the Mac much easier.

“You’ve seen how our operating systems, devices, and services work in harmony,” Cook said. “[We offer a] seamless experience for our users that is unparalleled in the industry. This is something only Apple can do.”

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