How To Construct A Portfolio With ETFs

portfolioWhen you are constructing or re-organizing your portfolio, exchange traded funds (ETFs) are easy to use and offer much more than a traditional mutual fund. In general, individual investors are often ill-equipped to evaluate the prospective success of an actively managed fund, because of the lack of transparency in most mutual funds. Holdings are required to be disclosed only once a quarter, and by the time you receive these statements, the information could be out of date.

ETFs can be a valuable tool to individual investors when constructing a fully diversified portfolio. They offer relatively inexpensive access to areas of the market such as the various United States and international equity asset classes as well fixed-income investments, according to Investopedia.

Here are three areas ETFs can help in :

  • Portfolio Construction
  • Many Choices With ETF Asset Classes
  • Time Horizon
  • Trend Following

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