JETS Dow Jones Islamic Market International Index ETF (JVS) Sets Final Day Of Trading

The “JETS Dow Jones Islamic Market International Index ETF” (NYSE:JVS) will cease trading on October 22nd. The fund, which began trading at the end of June in 2009, was created to provide a cost effective and transparent vehicle for those who wish to comply with Islamic law, or Shari’ah, as it relates to finance and investing.According to paperwork 1st and Final Liquidating distribution; Will NOT be quoted ex-dividend by the Exchange; Due bills are required on all deliveries made after the record date (10/22/2010); Due bills redeemable beginning 10/29/2010.

For investors that are still seeking to gain access to “socially responsible investing” through ETFs, one could consider the following options:

  • FaithShares Baptist Values (NYSE:FZB)
  • FaithShares  Catholic Values (NYSE:FCV)
  • FaithShares Christian  Values (NYSE:FOC)
  • FaithShares Methodist  Values (NYSE:FKL)
  • FaithShares Lutheran Values (NYSE:FMV)

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