Massacre In Paris: Should Americans Be Worried?

economyThe new year arrived on a brutal note for the citizens of Paris, France when a dozen people were ruthlessly murdered by terrorists on January 7, 2015. Although two of the three attackers are still at large, investigators believe them to be Islamist radicals with possible ties to Al-Qaeda.

In this particular instance, it appears they were bent on punishing the staff of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, because it had published cartoons that depicted Allah in a less than respectful light. Reports from the scene indicate that the terrorists shouted the now familiar phrase, Allahu Akbar, during the bloody killing spree, which is often translated to mean ” Allah is the greatest”.

The Road to Paris

As Paris reeled in shock in the aftermath of this senseless act of terror, other countries were no doubt wondering if the citizens of their nations could be next and the answer may well be yes.

France has one of the largest concentrations of incoming residents who identify with Islam, and the number continues to grow. In fact, actual Muslim mini-states have sprang up in many areas around Paris and throughout France.

Even though many of these Muslims embrace harsh Sharia laws, French authorities have largely given up control of these areas. Many wonder now if this lack of oversight and involvement could have played a part in the horrific events that took place this week.

Instead of integrating into society in their adopted French homeland, Islamists tend to hold themselves apart. This trend is particularly worrisome in the effect it has on the younger members of these families who see violence as the way to achieve radical changes. Unable or unwilling to bond with native citizens, younger members often choose violence as an acceptable way to communicate their frustrations and seek their dream of seeing the Muslim religion overtake all others on a global scale.

Is America Safe?

As Americans learned of the news out of France, many may have paused to think about their own safety and the likelihood that this type of activity could arrive in their homeland. Although unsettling, the fact is that many terror groups, including Islamists, are constantly plotting acts of terror against the country they refer to as the “Great Satan”.

Muslims are entering the United States at a record pace and often choose to settle in certain areas of the country among others who share similar beliefs. Using lax immigration laws, Islamist terrorists do not have to attempt to fly planes into buildings or launch bombs to achieve a terror-filled goal. Instead, they simply take up residence in this country and wait for an opportunity to strike.

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