Master ETF List Subscription Service Launched by Global Strategy Board

global-strategy-boardGlobal Strategy Board, the independent international research firm and a leading provider of ETF directories has announced the launch of a new subscription service for its popular knowledge product, the Master ETF Directory. Described as a “must have” by industry experts, this master ETF list contains some of the most detailed and precise categories for research purposes. Subscribers to the service will receive the current edition of the Directory as well as regular e-mail updates.

The master ETF list includes the names and ticker symbols of over 800 long and short ETFs and ETNs in categories such as Currency Plays, International Outlook, Bonds, Commodities, Energy, Industrials, Materials, Resources, Caps, Value Investing, Dividend Plays, Growth Stocks, Communications, Consumer-related, Financial Services, Technology, Healthcare, Utilities, Social Responsibility, Real Estate, and Equal Sector Strategies. The Master ETF Directory includes not only popular ETFs such as the SPDR S&P 500 (NYSE:SPY), the iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index Fund (NYSE:EEM), and the Direxion Daily Financial Bear 3x Shares (NYSE:FAZ), but also some of the less widely-known and newly-created products available in the marketplace.

In addition to its Master ETF Directory, Global Strategy Board publishes the following on a regular basis:

The Bearish ETF Directory: Short ETFs and ETNs in Commodities & Industrials, Bonds, Large Caps, Mid Caps, Small Caps, Value Plays, Growth Stocks, Communications, Consumer-related Sectors, Financials, Techs, Healthcare, Utilities, Real Estate, and International;

The Bonds ETF Directory: Long and short ETFs and ETNs in Assorted Bonds, California Municipal Bonds, Emerging Market Bonds, Government Bonds, High Yield Bonds, Inflation-Protected Bonds, International Bonds, Municipal Bonds-National, and New York Municipal Bonds;

The Commodities, Energy, Industrials, Materials & Resources ETF Directory: Long and short ETFs and ETNs in Agricultural Commodities, Broad Baskets of Commodities, Energy-related Commodities, Energy Stock Plays, Alternative Energy, Industrial Metals, Precious Metals, Materials, and Natural Resources;

The International ETF Directory: Long and short ETFs and ETNs in Global Stock Plays, Emerging Markets, International Bonds, International Real Estate, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, Middle East & Africa and over 30 countries;

The Value Investing, Dividend Plays, and Growth Stocks ETF Directory: Long and short ETFs and ETNs in Value Investing, Dividend Plays, International Dividend Plays, and Growth Stocks.

About Global Strategy Board

Global Strategy Board is an independent international research firm and a provider of market-related knowledge products. The firm provides custom research products and multi-client reports on the global financial markets.

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