Matthew Tucker Discusses IShares Muni ETFs

Matthew Tucker, managing director of U.S. fixed-income strategy at BlackRock Inc., talks with Bloomberg’s Betty Liu about the municipal-bond exchange-trade funds offered by BlackRock’s IShares unit. Matthew discusses why you would want to choose an ETF as opposed to investing directly into the muni bonds. Tucker also discusses market reaction to Portugal’s debt rating downgrade by Fitch Ratings.

IShares released muni ETFs with termination dates starting in 2012, going to 2017 this past January. Each of the six recently released funds within the iShares Muni Series holds a basket of AMT-free, investment grade, noncallable, national municipal bonds that mature in a targeted year. When each fund reaches its planned distribution date, it will distribute substantially all of its net assets to then-current investors.

The recently released funds are:

iShares 2012 S&P AMT-Free Municipal Series (NYSE: MUAA)
iShares 2013 S&P AMT-Free Municipal Series (NYSE: MUAB)
iShares 2014 S&P AMT-Free Municipal Series (NYSE: MUAC)
iShares 2015 S&P AMT-Free Municipal Series (NYSE: MUAD)
iShares 2016 S&P AMT-Free Municipal Series (NYSE: MUAE)
iShares 2017 S&P AMT-Free Municipal Series (NYSE: MUAF)

See the video below:

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