Monday, November 1st ETF Movers: (EFN, BAL, CHIM, GWO, UNG, UNL)

In trading Monday, the EGS DJ Emerging Mkts Financials Titans (NYSE:EFN) outperformed other ETFs, up about 3.20% on the day. Also up on the day are the iPath DJ-UBS Cotton TR Sub-Idx ETN (NYSE:BAL) up 3.17%, and the Global X China Materials ETF (NYSE:CHIM) up 2.86%.

And underperforming other ETFs today is the ELEMENTS CS Global Warming ETN (NYSE:GWO), off about 8.10% in Monday afternoon trading. Also down on the day are the United States Natural Gas (NYSE:UNG) down 5.18% and the United States 12 Month Natural Gas (NYSE:UNL) down 3.3%.

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