Morning Call: Futures Slip as China Slashes Symbolic Growth Target

US stock futures are lower Monday morning after China lowered its economic growth target. The symbolic 8% growth rate has been targeted for the past eight years in China, but over the weekend they lowered that rate to 7.5%. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said the country will transition to focusing on higher-quality economic development with greater internal consumption and service industries.

Futures have bounced off pre-market lows over the last hour, but today could still be a very important day for the short-term direction of the market. There were some faulty technical signals late last week, and today we can have a real test of this accelerated uptrend. Since December 20 we’ve been riding the 10-day moving average with no clear/decisive close below. Momentum traders should watch this trend closely.

Another troubling sign was the breakdown of the Russell 2000 index ETF (NYSEArca:IWM) from its upper channel late last week. The Semiconductor ETF (NYSEArca:SMH) also started to roll a bit, so that’s worth watching especially with some mid-quarter reports coming out later this week.

Gold (NYSEArca:GLD) broke hard Wednesday with no real bounce after Fed Chairman Bernanke’s testimony before Congress. As of now, shorting that $167.50-$168.50 area Thursday or salvaging some longs was the right way to go. The $164 level is the pivot low from that Wednesday.

With futures coming in a bit it’s important to look at key support areas. The 10-day moving average is 1366 (last week we held the 1363-1366 zone). We were set to open below that level earlier this morning, but have climbed back above in the pre-market. We need to see how we handle the first 30-60 minutes of trading. Traders will watch close to give clues of the direction of the day/week!

The next big level would be 1352-1357, with the 20day moving average within this zone. 1340-1344 is a major support zone. If we bounce quickly and get back above 1368-1370, it should relieve the morning pressure.

Some things to watch for clues this morning.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has a small upper range after a huge move. Those who bought a few days after the earnings gap have been rewarded, along with long term investors. It has a big product day Wednesday with the expected unveiling of the iPad 3. Watch Friday’s inside range. $542.50 is Friday’s low, if it starts to get below and stay below that, it could tell us a bounce is not coming.  If we take out Friday’s high of $546.80, it will be hard to keep this market down.

International Business Machines (NYSEArca:IBM) has also been strong. See if it can continue to hold upper range of $196 for a move above $200.

Banks provided a big boost for the rally last week. Goldman Sachs (NYSEArca:GS) finally broke out last week. I will see if $118.50-119.50 is buyable. This area should hold if that break out was real. If we close below this area, it will give us some more clues a rest/correction is coming.

I sold the rest of my casino stocks on Friday, they are due for a rest. Las Vegas Sands (NYSEArca:LVS) put in a small outside day after a monster move.  I will look to buy back at another time; holding $54 would be constructive.

Wynn Resorts (NASDAQ:WYNN) I sold on Friday after two nice buy points. Perhaps I will look to buy some back around $122-124 area.

Oil put a brief double top in on Thursday as it pushed through and failed on that pipeline explosion report. US Oil Fund (NYSEArca:USO) has important support around $40-40.50.

Oil Service ETF (NYSEArca:OIH) I would think being in a tier one is prudent after a big run from December. If it were to close below $43.35, it could correct a bit. Most momentum traders sold some when it couldn’t hold the most recent buyable strategy at $43.80ish.

Take some caution today as cleaning up some loose positions made sense last week. Today will be important for short-term momentum traders. Longer term we have room to correct, but short term guys should not be so committed here, if we get a decisive close and break below the S&P 10day MA around 1363-1368.

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