New Enhanced International ETFs From iShares In Focus

isharesSan Francisco-based iShares, the market leader in ETFs, is enjoying dominance in a variety of asset classes, sectors and industries. Managed by BlackRock Group, the issuer continues to hit the international market with the launch of two new products that aim at giving investors new options for factor investing.

The two funds – iShares Enhanced International Large-Cap ETF (NYSEARCA:IEIL) and iShares Enhanced International Small-Cap ETF (NYSEARCA:IEIS) – are actively managed and do not track the performance of a specified index. Notably, the two additions have raised the iShares factor ETFs line-up to 12 funds.

Both funds seek to provide competitive long-term risk adjusted returns relative to broad indexes for their respective cap levels. This is likely to be done by focusing on three important factors; quality (consistent and stable earnings), value (lower relative valuations), and size (firms with lower relative market cap levels).

IEIL: Large Cap ETF in Focus

This ETF looks to provide exposure to the international developed equity markets with a focus on large cap stocks. Holdings 172 stocks in its basket, the product is widely spread across each security as none of these holds more than 2.11%. The fund charges 35 in annual fees.

From a sector look, the fund is slightly tilted toward financials which account for 24%, closely followed by energy (14.79%) and industrials (11.65%). Further, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada and Switzerland all make up for double-digit exposure in the portfolio.

IEIS: Small Cap ETF in Focus

This fund looks to target the small cap segment of the international developed equity markets and holds 389 stocks in its basket. The ETF is well spread out across each sector and security as each security holds less than 2.08% of the assets (read: 3 Foreign Small Cap ETFs Likely to Outperform).

Sectors like financials, industrials, consumer discretionary, information technology and energy make up for double-digit exposure while others have modest allocations. With respect to country holdings, Japanese stocks dominate the fund’s profile at nearly 24% while United Kingdom (16.29%) and Canada (7.75%) round off to the next two spots. The ETF charges a slightly higher fee of 49 bps per year from investors.

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