OPEC Puppets and Canada Give Away Their Oil

2)  Ensured that it had constructed its own refining facilities, to eliminate the current, feeble excuse given by the Harper regime.

3)  Scaled-back tar sands production until it had satisfactory answers to those two, ultra-obvious questions.

While the economic incompetence of Harper and his Conservative regime is legendary; not even the Conservatives could be so utterly clueless as to fail to ask themselves those two, obvious questions. And once realizing they had no answers to those questions; the appropriate policy responses are as obvious as the questions themselves.

Canada’s oil give-away (to the U.S.) is obvious treason, and it raises another obvious question. With the U.S.’s pariah government having knocked $50/barrel off of the price of oil, and with Canada previously selling its oil at the give-away price of roughly $60/barrel (i.e. before the U.S. economic terrorism); how much is the U.S. paying today for Canadian oil? Put another way; how much is Canada losing on every barrel of oil it gives-away to the U.S.? Is the U.S. paying anything, at all?

With tar sands oil costing between $60 – $100 per barrel to extract; Canada was already losing money on its tar sands oil before Barak Obama (and the bankers) launched their economic terrorism on the oil market. Apart from the obvious strategic reasons to cut-off Canadian oil production (until prices are once again at least quasi-legitimate); the Canadian economy cannot afford to lose this much money, giving awaythe world’s most-precious commodity. Harper’s treason has now descended into outright economic insanity.

Barack Obama’s brazen admission that the U.S. is perpetrating economic terrorism against (primarily) Russia, via attacking the global oil market, has revealed two things to the world. First it has shown that the U.S. has now publicly/officially adopted the philosophy of government-by-crime-syndicate (i.e. fascism).

Equally obvious; it has revealed the governments of the Puppet Producers for what they really are. These governments who are stewards of most of the world’s precious, remaining stockpiles of oil not only cannot be trusted to administer this responsibility in the best interests of humanity, these ultra-corrupt regimes cannot even be trusted to represent the interests of their own populations.

There are two (new) enormous crimes currently being committed within the global community. One of those crimes is the (latest) economic terrorism being perpetrated by the U.S. – meaning the latest economic terrorism perpetrated by its puppet-master, the One Bank.

The other, gigantic crime is the treasonous manner in which the Puppet Producers are (literally) “selling out” their own people. The economic terrorism of the U.S. is obviously the larger crime in terms of sheer magnitude. But the despicable manner in which the Puppet Producers are betraying their own people is arguably the worst of the two crimes.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Jeff Nielson From Bullion Bulls Canada.

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