Peaks In This Gasoline ETF Often Signal Peaks In The Markets

gas-tank“Currently the European Union continues to try and sort out possible bailouts for Greece and many other nations have severe national debt problems. There is also the case that can be made for huge skyrocketing deficits in the United States to grow on a daily basis into the trillions of dollars. Government central banks continue to print money and flood the market place with liquidity. This cannot be healthy in the long run. As proof, look at what happened between 2002 – 2007 when money was free and people were reckless,” Nicholas Santiago Reports From In The Money Stocks.

Santiago goes on to say, “Can it be more simple than this? Perhaps we can tell when this stock market is going to pullback or reverse. Can it be as simple as gasoline prices? Every time gasoline gets too high at the pump the stock market seems to pullback or have a small correction. This phenomenon can be viewed by watching the United States Gasoline Fund LP (NYSE:UGA). If one looks at a chart they can simply see that every time that the United States Gas Fund trades above the 38.00 level the stock market pulls back. This phenomenon occurred in late October, and early January. Here we are again as the UGA approaches these high levels.”



“Remember high gasoline serves as a tax on the consumer. In July 2008 it was high oil and high gasoline prices that broke the back of the stock market. It is still highly unlikely that the U.S. consumer can handle high gasoline prices with an unemployment rate near 10 percent and a foreclosure crisis that is still in full force,” Santiago Reports.

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The investment (UGA) seeks to track, net of expenses, the changes in percentage terms of the price of gasoline. The trust will invest in the futures contract on unleaded gasoline delivered to the New York harbor traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange that is the near month contract to expire.

Company Symbol % Assets
Fidelity Instl MM Fds Government I N/A 17.1
Future Contract On Gasoline Rbob Fut Jan10 N/A 49.94
Goldman Sachs FS Government Sel N/A 15.37
Morgan Stanley Inst Liquidity Gov Inst N/A 6.57

Chart for United States Gasoline (UGA)

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