Peter Schiff Says Bernanke Is Lying; Bet Against the Fed And The Dollar (IAU, GLD, SLV, UDN)

GDP is falling, unemployment is rising, inflation is up and the dollar is down — and Ben Bernanke is talking his way through it in a way that history has not previously allowed.

Longtime Fed critic and financial doomsayer Peter Schiff is known for a lot of things, but one thing he’s not known for is mincing words. And when the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital appeared on Breakout this morning, he didn’t disappoint as he launched into a caustic critique of our capital markets and all dollar-denominated investments.

Schiff said. “What you have to do is avoid U.S.-dollar denominated investments. People need to own precious metals like gold and silver, they need to own commodities, they need to own foreign bonds, foreign stocks.”

See the full Breakout interview below:

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