PIMCO Begins Trading The “PIMCO Short Term Municipal Bond Strategy Fund” SMMU

new9PIMCO has released its new PIMCO Short Term Municipal Bond Strategy Fund ETF (SMMU). The Short Term Municipal Bond Strategy Fund is an actively managed exchange-traded fund (ETF). Designed to be appropriate for investors seeking tax-exempt income, the Fund consists of a diversified portfolio of primarily short duration, high credit quality bonds which carry interest income that is exempt from federal tax and in some cases state tax. With this Fund, investors will see the names of the bonds owned daily. In addition, the Fund will not use options, futures, or swaps.

Top 10 Holdings As of 02/02/2010

Description % Sector Coupon Maturity Quality
CA ECON REC SER A FGIC 4.24% Municipal Bond 5.25 07/01/2014 A+
NY DORM-C-UNV ROCHEST AMBAC 4.17% Municipal Bond 5.00 07/01/2013 AA-
NYC FIN 3.84% Municipal Bond 5.00 08/01/2010 AAA
DE VY REGL FIN GOVT 3.63% Municipal Bond 5.50 07/01/2012 AA
NYC FIN -A 3.55% Municipal Bond 5.00 11/01/2013 AAA
METRO PIER CABS-REF-A NATL-RE 3.52% Municipal Bond 0.00 12/15/2012 A
MONTGOMERY CNTY-A 3.44% Municipal Bond 5.00 06/01/2012 AAA
MUNI ELEC-A-PROJ ONE 3.43% Municipal Bond 5.00 01/01/2013 A
PR ELEC PWR-REF-JJ NATL-RE 3.43% Municipal Bond 5.25 07/01/2013 A
JEFFERSON PJS REF-A AGM 3.38% Municipal Bond 4.00 06/01/2013 AA-


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