PowerShares To Begin Trading The PowerShares China A-Share Portfolio (NYSEArca:CHNA)

securities issued by companies that are incorporated in mainland China and that trade in Renminbi on the Shanghai Stock Exchange or the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. The Benchmark includes the A-share securities of the largest 50 A-Share companies (as determined by market capitalization) listed on those two exchanges.

Because it currently cannot invest in A-Shares directly, the Fund will invest primarily in futures contracts on the Benchmark that provide exposure to the China A-Shares market. These futures contracts are listed on the Singapore Exchange. By investing in the Futures, the Fund will have no direct ownership of the A-Shares of the companies included in the Benchmark, but the Fund will gain exposure to the performance of those companies.

The Fund will invest in the Futures as a significant part of its investment strategy. Generally, futures contracts are a type of derivative whose value depends upon, or is derived from, the value of an underlying asset, reference rate, or index. The Fund’s use of futures contracts will be underpinned by investments in short-term, high quality U.S. Treasury Securities, money market instruments, cash, and cash equivalent securities. The Futures will be used to simulate full investment in China A-Share securities.

Due to strict controls imposed by the Chinese government, the Fund currently cannot invest directly in A-Shares, which are available only to domestic Chinese investors and a limited pool of foreign investors, including foreign investors who have been approved as a Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (“QFII”) by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (“CSRC”) and have obtained a QFII license and a quota. The Adviser currently is in the process of applying for a QFII license on behalf of the Fund for the Fund to invest directly in A-Shares. There are no assurances that such a QFII license will be granted, or that such a license, if granted, would permit the Fund to purchase A-Shares, or that the Adviser would invest the Fund, in an amount necessary to provide the Fund with sufficient A-Shares exposure.

The Adviser will continuously monitor the Fund’s holdings. If, in the future, the Adviser is unable to obtain a QFII license, the Fund is unable to invest in A-Shares, the Adviser concludes that direct investments in China A-Shares is not prudent, the market for the Futures presents liquidity constraints, or the Fund is unable to obtain sufficient exposure to the China A-Shares market, the Fund retains the right (subject to obtaining required regulatory and board approvals) to invest in a broader range of investments in the Chinese market. These investments may include China “H Shares” (shares of companies incorporated in mainland China, listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and open to investment by foreign investors without need for a QFII license) and China “Red Chip” shares (shares of companies that are based in mainland China but that are incorporated outside China and are listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange).

You can find the complete prospectus: HERE

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