ROBO-STOX Marks Launch Of Global Robotics And Automation Index ETF

roboticsROBO-STOX LLC, the world leader in developing investment solutions targeting the robotics and automation space, commemorated the launch of the ROBO-STOX Global Robotics and Automation Index ETF (NASDAQ:ROBO) by having a robot ring the closing bell at the NASDAQ MarketSite in New York’s Times Square.

The ETF recently began trading on Exchange-Traded Concepts‘ accelerated, low-cost and private-label ETF platform. It tracks the ROBO-STOX Global Robotics and Automation Index, the first investment benchmark for the worldwide robotics and automation industry.

“Investors everywhere now have the opportunity to capitalize on the accelerating global growth in robotics,” said Frank Tobe, Co-Founder of ROBO-STOX and Editor of The Robot Report, a robotics news portal tracking the worldwide business of robotics. “As robots are introduced in more companies in more sectors, investors can use our index as a benchmark by which to judge investment opportunities in the expanding robotics arena.”

The “bell ringer,” the UR5 robot arm from Universal Robots, the Danish manufacturer of industrial robots, was chosen to showcase a market leader within “collaborative robots,” an emerging class of robots propelling the use of robotics in companies that previously thought robots would be too expensive and complex to deploy. The UR5 robot arm is equipped with a three-fingered gripper designed by SCHUNK.

Thomas Visti, Vice President and Chief Commercial Officer of Universal Robots, said the company targets a new market for automation within small and medium-sized businesses by making a robot that can safely work alongside human employees, and is affordable and easy to use.

“The moves in the bell-ringing application were programmed in ‘teach mode,’ allowing the user to simply grab the robot arm and show it the desired moves,” said Mr. Visti. “This eliminates the steep learning curve often experienced when trying to program and operate a robot.”

Universal Robots introduced itself to the North American market by implementing a high-tech distribution channel throughout the U.S. and Canada in September 2012. The company’s robots have been integrated into a broad range of sectors, including automotive, machine tools, medical, packaging, pharmaceutical, assembly and electronics.

“The transition to smart and autonomous automation is ongoing not only in manufacturing but also in collaborative work of all types, and consequently there is money to be made in creating robots to fill that need,” said Rob Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of ROBO-STOX. “Our index and ETF enable investors to benefit from the many business opportunities in the global robotics and automation industry.”

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