Sell Until You Can Sleep

In emotional markets, it’s often best to take a step back and view the situation as dispassionately as possible. For some, that means a stiff drink. For others, it’s a long walk or time with the kids. For me, the best way to remove the emotion of the market is by drawing pictures with a purple crayon. It’s a habit that works out particularly well for┬áme since I can actually call coloring “work.”

Which brings us to another edition of the Purple Crayon, a look at the stock market through the lens of a straight-edge ruler and a nice, thick marker. I use a crayon not just because I’m adorable. I use it because crayon tips are tick. I give the market about 1 percent above or below key levels before I consider a move significant. One percent keeps me from over-trading every move and panicking in general.

All that said, let’s get to it:

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