‘Silver Fix’ Is Irrelevant To Silver Manipulation [SPDR Gold Trust (ETF), iShares Silver Trust (ETF)]

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August 11, 2014 10:28am NYSE:GLD NYSE:SLV

silver demandJeff Nielson: “Much ado about nothing.” While that cliché wasn’t coined expressly to refer to the abolition of the (so-called) “silver fix”, it very well could have been. What we have here is yet another non-event; more of the banksters’ comedy-theater.

What is the basis of this scorn? Simple. The London Silver Fix is nothing more than what this evil-sounding exercise implies: a “fix” of the price of silver at one point in time. Does this in any way solve our problem with silver manipulation? Of course not.

Our “problem”, as previous commentaries stress again and again is Hostage Markets: a 24/7 invisible ceiling over the silver market (and the gold market), which has been permanently preventing precious metals prices from ever beginning to reflect reality (i.e. market fundamentals). The London Silver Fix accounts for one minute of the day, but has only a minimal, manipulative impact on the other 23:59 of our daily clock.

Hostage Markets are the product of a much more comprehensive system of manipulation, centering on a Master Trading Algorithm for manipulating all of the world’s markets. This was not only explained in detail in a recent commentary, but evidence from a new, class-action law suit was provided which (if verified) provesthe existence – and near-omnipotence — of this computer program for manipulating markets (and specifically, precious metals markets).

It is only through the permanent price-suppression of these two barometers of inflation that the One Bank is able to preserve the value of its fraudulent, hyperinflated Western currencies. Otherwise, the exponentially increasing (and obviously hyperinflationary) money-printing of recent years would have already taken this fraudulent paper to zero.

But even the banksters themselves can see that their precious metals manipulation is becoming more and more obvious, and that clumsy whitewash-jobs, like the CFTC’s so-called “investigation” into silver manipulation would/could only fool the Sheep for so long. So it is staging this theatrical “purging” of its market fraud, through ‘confessing’ one tiny (and now irrelevant/obsolete) aspect of this systemic silver-manipulation.

“Abolishing” the London Silver Fix is the perfect ruse, in several ways. First of all, this (old) game which the Big Banks have been playing even sounds manipulative (and corrupt): literally “fixing” the price of silver (and gold). Secondly, the One Bank’s Master Algorithm has made the London Silver Fix (and “gold fix”) archaic and redundant. It loses nothing here.

This game is getting so old that it is discouraging that more, other commentators do not also see through it. We’ve seen the banksters use exactly the same strategy when their LIBOR-fraud had become exposed, when their gangster racketeering with metals warehouses had been exposed, and (similarly) each-and-every time one of the One Bank’s mega-crimes has been exposed, or is about to be exposed.

It is, in fact, nothing more than the made-for-business derivative of the “false-flag attack”, a game which the One Bank has played in the geopolitical arena for many, many decades. The unquestioned master of the (geopolitical) False-Flag Attack is the state of Israel, although the United States ranks a strong second.

Month after month, year after year; Israel whines to the world of the endless “rocket attacks” (supposedly) perpetrated by “Palestinian terrorists”. Over the years, tens of thousands of these rockets have been “launched” at Israel – rockets which never hurt anyone, and rarely even hit anything.

Occasionally an abandoned building is flattened (purely for theatrical purposes) but even the government of Israel readily admits that the vast majority of these “rocket attacks” land in empty desert. Yet the government of Israel continues to label these pretend-attacks on its own territory as the work of “Palestinian terrorists”, through the use of its Hamas puppets.

How do we know these are all false-flag attacks? Because the only-and-exclusive beneficiary of each and every one of these “rocket attacks” is the state of Israel. The obvious losers of these so-called rocket attacks are the Palestinian people.

Israel uses these endless false-flag attacks as a pretext to refuse to ever negotiate (in good faith) for the return of even a tiny portion of stolen, Palestinian land. Meanwhile, every day, its expansion of these illegal “settlements” on stolen land continues. It uses them as a pretext for imprisoning the Palestinian people within its apartheid regime (and the Gaza Gulag). And it uses them as a pretext for military attacks/invasions – as it continues its campaign of slow-genocide against this Victim population.

By staging these phony attacks against itself; the corrupt Corporate media then depicts Israel’s “military operations” against the captive Palestinians as “a war”, rather than what it really is: a slaughter. In real “wars”; you don’t consistently see 100:1 kill-ratios. In real wars; half of the dead aren’t women and children.

This is another way to demonstrate that Israel’s military operations (against a civilian population) do not even have a military objective. In wars, you focus on killing the men – because they carry out most/all (supposed) acts of aggression. It is only when one wishes to perpetrate genocide (the extinction of a rival tribe) that the attackers also focus on killing large numbers of women/children.

Kill even 90% of all the men in any particular tribe, and thanks to the reproductive capacity of women, the tribe can rebuild its population in little more than a generation. But kill large numbers of women (andchildren), and that tribe is likely doomed to extinction.

Why has the false-flag attack been a regular Tool of Tyranny for thousands of years? Because it is extremely successful, especially when used on trusting, mollified societies. When used on the captive minds of brainwashed Sheep, as we have within the Wonderland Matrix, its effect is devastating – as the world witnessed with “9/11”, and the (phony and permanent) “War on Terror” which emerged from it.

It works in the geopolitical arena. And now (as we see) it can be made to work equally well in the business arena. The One Bank ‘exposes itself to attack’ by allowing the Corporate media to (finally, belatedly) point toward the obviously manipulative aspects of any “fixing” of prices, by a small cabal. Then it perhaps absorbs some tiny/insignificant wrist-slap (i.e. fine) – just like the insignificant (but theatrically impressive) “rocket attacks” which Israel stages against itself.

Then, having staged this “false-flag attack” against itself in the silver market, it now gets the Corporate media to pronounce the silver market (and the One Bank’s ongoing, criminal operations in that sector) purged of all corruption. The One Bank resumes its criminal operations; nothing changes. False-flag operation complete.

Such patterns (and “operations”) are so frequent within the Wonderland Matrix that, by now, readers should already be familiar with this modus operandi. If not, watch for it in the future. Because it is such a successful tactic; the One Bank (and the puppet-governments which serve it) will continue to use the false-flag attack (in both geopolitical and corporate arenas) very frequently.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Jeff Nielson From Bullion Bulls Canada.

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