Silver: No ‘Glitter’ Now and No Forecasted ‘Glitter’

There are clear reasons why, if you take the time to study this and my other Longer-Term Charts closely and follow the above “Risk and Reward” URL.

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Perspective is a very profitable investment tool and seldom used effectively by many (if not) most Investors. There were clear (ahead of the fact) reasons both fundamentally and technically for these particular securities to under-perform (when they did) as well as to under-perform (as they are). Clearly the 1 Year Pull-Back should be notable and has certainly been expensive for those who have unwisely held their positions. Why this Index and Companies have lost over half of their value is easily explainable. A future recovery is definitely “not forecastable or projectable at this time” and to hold is, in my opinion, is totally unacceptable and very unprofessional asset management. My / This point is true about all Companies / Commodities / ETFs.

Identifying these negative prospects “ahead of the fact” is obviously or should be of incredible value to you and your portfolio performance. My very Accurate Forecasting is always “ahead of the fact.” I hope you know what I mean about “ahead of the fact.”

Ongoing Articles for Your Review of My Forecasting

Should you wish to read my latest article on Forecasting the following Companies and ETFs. Just Click on the Symbol. You will be taken (Linked) to a list of my most current articles on each Company or ETF.

May I suggest that it is an excellent way to gain insight into the accuracy of my Forecasts and Opinions. By doing so, you will have access to over 1,800 articles where I share my Analytics.

I hope you will find my “stuff” well worth your Time and discover that it is very Accurate and Profitable – “Stuff.”


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Concluding Remarks

At this time I reiterate my Un-Favorable Opinion for holding many / most of the component securities of the within the Gold, Silver and precious Industry / Commodity Groups. Buying may be prudent only after another notable pull-back — but even then you will want to pass or definitely be highly Selective with you choices of investment securities.

Since and Because – the U.S and World economies remains quite weak, and the positives that flow so freely are most-often off-set with further negative economic data – – Today’s Stock Market is very vulnerable. Currently the stock market itself is very over-valued and currently very over-bought. Interest rates are on the rise again! TAKING PROFITS (and HOLDING-CASH, if you have any), is (in many cases) the best place to be. If you don’t have any CASH in your portfolio at this time, I suggest you get some!

Oh yes, I have my positive and Bullish exceptions, on my Bullish (Candidates for Buying) List, but it (that list) is diminishing almost daily. That too is Bearish!

When I Forecast a Bearish Cycle, I have a long look at Inverse ETFs you might want to do this research too.

There will again be fantastic Bullish investment opportunities if you will just be patient and disciplined with the on going management of your portfolio.

Smile, Have Fun, “Investing Wisely,”

This article is brought to you courtesy of Steven Bauer, Ph.D. which appeared at Advisor Perspectives.

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