SPDR Gold Trust (GLD): Why do I love gold so much?

fault lines dividing them also aggravated the “hot spots” of volcanic activity, which is why there are volcanic cones and caldera all over Nevada, like this one:


Nevada Volcano

Do you know what volcanoes can bring bubbling up to the surface? Gold (NYSEARCA:GLD), silver (NYSEARCA:SLV), copper (NASDAQ:CU) and other minerals.


Early explorers in Nevada found rich outcroppings of all sorts of metals. Now we’re on to the next round of discovery – rich deposits that weren’t visible on the surface to 19th-century gold miners.

A Golden Bull

Why do I love gold so much? A couple of reasons…

First, I see gold as insurance against a corrupt financial system. The biggest crooks on Wall Street never get punished, which means they’ll pull off more shenanigans. If a major meltdown ever happens, that 5% or so of your portfolio that’s in precious metals will be a lifesaver.

Second, with the short-term trends for gold bearish, many miners (NYSEArca:GDX)

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