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Roof Tiles With Moss

Zen gardens that combine water, rocks, bonsai trees, and extensive use of moss are a tranquil oasis of beauty and extremely popular in Japan. Japanese have used moss for centuries. People there appreciate the vibrant carpets of moss found in the woods.


Image credit: Aichi-Brand.jp

That moss is now finding its way onto Japanese roofs with unique roofing tiles that have cutouts for moss patches.

These moss inserts not only use less material, but the moss is extremely effective insulation that can lower the interior temperature by as much as 10%.

Roof Tiles With Built-in Solar Panels

One of the drawbacks of solar panels is their appearance.

So, Japanese engineers and architects have come up with a new generation of roofing tiles with built-in solar panels.

Image credit: DesignBoom.com

This clever combination helps preserve the traditional look of Japanese tile roofs and also take advantage of the latest solar panel technology.

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