Taking Advantage of The Latest Solar Panel Technology [Sunedison Inc, First Solar, Inc., Guggenheim Solar ETF]

You can’t invest in any of the above Japanese roofing innovators, but you can choose from literally hundreds of solar energy stocks.

For most investors, the best strategy is to invest in a solar energy ETF. There are two to choose from:

  • Guggenheim Solar Energy Index (NYSEARCA:TAN), and
  • Market Vectors Solar Energy (NYSEARCA:KWT).

I would favor the Guggenheim ETF because it trades an average of 675,000 shares a day while Market Vectors Solar Energy only trades 9,000 shares a day.

Oddly, the five largest holdings are identical for both ETFs: First Solar (NASDAQ:FSLR), SunEdison (NYSE:SUNE),GCL-Poly Energy Holdings (GCPEF), Hanergy Solar Group (HNGSF) and GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT).

I am not suggesting that you rush out and buy either ETF tomorrow morning. As always, timing is everything.

While I still expect carbon-based energy sources to power the global economy for decades to come, alternative energy is becoming an important supplement.

And I believe that solar energy is the most viable of green energy source of all.

Tony SagamiThis article is brought to you courtesy of Tony Sagami

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