Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA) Stock Back On The Rise

tesla motorsAfter weeks of falling stock prices, Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is back on the rise. For the five trading days ending Friday, Dec. 19, TSLA rose 5.94 percent, beating the overall market — the Dow was up 3.02 percent for that period, and NASDAQ was up 2.39 percent. By mid-afternoon on Monday, TSLA was up again.

Battery Swap Pilot Program About to Launch

Tesla will soon be trying out a new program to offer drivers battery swaps, where they can exchange their depleted battery packs for fresh ones. The advantage over getting the battery recharged is that a swap will save time, taking only three minutes, compared to getting a battery completely recharged at at a Supercharger station, which can take up to an hour. Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk said that he hopes to reduce the time for a swap down even further to just one minute.

While recharging at a Tesla Supercharger station is free, a battery swap will cost almost as much as a full tank of premium gas. The pilot program is taking place at a single recharging station in California, on a rural stretch of I-5 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. Tesla will evaluate customer preferences to see whether customers prefer to replenish their batteries faster or for free.

Morgan Stanley cut price target on TSLA

Morgan Stanley (NASDAQ: MS) cut its price target on TSLA from $320 to $290 and lowered its estimate of how many of the upcoming lower-priced Model 3s Tesla will be likely to make after that model debuts in 2017.

However, Morgan Stanley still thinks that TSLA is a good long-term investment with a 50 percent upside.

Analysts Say TSLA Will Be Best Performing Stock of 2015

On Thursday, CNBC reported that analysts think that TSLA will outperform every other stock in 2015 and that it will go up by 30 percent. Their reasoning, according to the network, is that the recent TSLA sell-off was due to investors thinking that the lower cost of oil would hurt Tesla sales.

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