ETF Stars: 25 People Who Have Revolutionized The ETF Industry

starsA great piece from ETF Database covering the people who have changed the ETF industry forever. “Over the last two years, equity markets have cratered, volatility has skyrocketed, and retirement portfolios have been crushed under the weight of a global recession

 and seemingly unending uncertainty. But over this period, the ETF industry has enjoyed astonishing success, attracting billions of dollars away from traditional mutual funds and redefining the business of long-term investing. While countless individuals have contributed to the industry’s meteoric rise, 25 people stand out for contributions that have guided ETF investing from its conception to widespread acceptance among all breeds of investors. The inaugural members of ETF Database’s Hall of Fame are presented below in alphabetical order, which is to say we have not attempted to rank these individuals by order of importance,”  Reports Michael Johnston From ETF Database

Here is the list below:

John “Jack” Bogle, Founder of Vanguard Group
H. Bruce Bond, Founder of PowerShares
Scott Burns, Director of ETF Analysis at Morningstar
Robert Carey, Chief Investment Officer at First Trust
Don Dion, Publisher and Chief Investment Strategist, Fidelity Independent Adviser
Laurence Fink, CEO at BlackRock
Gus Fleites, Industry Veteran
Dave Fry, Founder and Publisher of ETF Digest
David C. Hooten, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Claymore
Matthew Hougan, Editor-In-Chief of Index Universe
Lee Kranefuss, CEO of iShares
Tom Lydon, President of Global Trends Investments and Editor of ETF Trends
Dr. Burton G. Malkiel, Chief Investment Officer of AlphaShares
Kathleen Moriarty, Partner at Katten Muchin Rosenman LLP
Nathan Most, ETF Pioneer
Joe Thomson, Founder of RevenueShares
Daniel D. O’Neill, President and Chief Investment Officer, Direxion Funds
Adam S. Patti, CEO and Founder of IndexIQ
Gus Sauter, Chief Investment Officer at Vanguard Group
Michael Sapir, Chairman and CEO at ProFunds
Jeremy Siegel, Senior Investment Strategist at WisdomTree
William M. Thomas, CEO at Grail Advisors
Jan F. van Eck, President, CEO, and Trustee at Market Vectors ETF Trust
Carl Verboncoeur, CEO at Rydex SGI Investments
Jim Wiandt, Editor and Publisher of the Journal of Indexes

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